Digital Enterprises: 40% of tomorrow’s fortune 500 companies don’t yet exist

When John Chambers looks into the audience at Cisco Live and notes that “40% of the businesses in the room will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years”, you have to figure that he’s also looking in the mirror.

Consider that the top hotel chain didn’t exist over 7 years ago (Airbnb) and the largest taxi service didn’t exist over five years ago (Uber). Stop for a second and think about that. Airbnb in just 7 years grew to be the largest hotel chain in the world accomplishing this by beginning with a simple web site and a few applications and evolved into running almost their entire operations in the AWS cloud. Contrast that with a company like Marriott who owns multiple data center and a disaster recovery location 200 feet underground and it’s easy to recognize the inherent advantage new digital enterprise companies evoke.

This new breed of companies that were born in the cloud, unencumbered by the legacy architectures of the current Fortune 500, will dynamical change the business landscape. And the implications to hardware manufactures like CISCO, HP and others could be apocalyptic.

Today’s business giants might not be tomorrows.


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