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Michael Elliott is a thought leader, cloud strategist and enterprise data center evangelist focusing on data center evolution with particular emphasis on private and hybrid clouds. Michael previously worked as Dell’s Cloud Evangelist representing Dell’s cloud portfolio and vision at customer meetings, media briefings, and industry conferences. Prior to that, Michael held marketing and consulting roles in the storage and telecom industry. Michael currently works for NetApp as their cloud strategist and evangelist. Michael started his career as a mainframe programmer for General Electric and held the role of adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Akron. Michael has a mathematics degree from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University. Michael’s recent work includes: • Participation in cloud industry panels and private equity discussions relating to the vision of cloud. • Business development activities with a focus on the enterprise data center. • Sales enablement and training on cloud positioning and how cloud impacts hardware and software sales. • Industry conference presentations including the Consumer Electronics Show, Cloud Computing East, Educause, and the Cloud Computing Association. • Presentation at the International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development in Shanghai, China
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Hackathon Winners Impress at DeveloperWeek New York

For most teams, building a working and demonstrable application from the ground up in 24 hours is an impossible task. To achieve the impossible, you need to trust your teammates, be proficient in your coding skills, and have a development environment that enables you to focus on the application without worrying about the infrastructure. Sleep … Continue reading

APIs Enable the World – And Developers Are Leading the Evolution

It’s said that those who control the resources, control the world. In the world of technology and IT, developers control a new currency: APIs, or application program interfaces. With APIs, developers dictate how applications interact and communicate, and ultimately how businesses prosper. APIs Enable The World  

Rationalizing the Move Toward the Software-Defined Data Center to Achieve IT as a Service

Repost from my article on Data Center Knowledge: Software Defined Data Center With the shifts in the economic purchase cycle, organizations are embarking on digital transformation, the development of new competencies built around the capability to be more agile, consumer-oriented, innovative, connected, aligned and efficient. IT is expected to be agile, responding to reduced time to … Continue reading

Building in the Cloud: How Teams Design and Architect Cloud-based Companies

Interested in learning how born-in-the-cloud companies get started? Join me on BrightTalk as I lead a discussion with two organizations: one a potential startup born over a weekend to address the real-estate sell-by-owner environment, and another that is now thriving in the cloud, focused on building and implementing solutions to address high velocity technology change. … Continue reading

Exploring the Software Defined Data Center – Live September 21st

Webinar: Tips for Recognizing Key Data Center Trends and When to Incorporate SDDC into Your Data Center Architecture    Abstract: In the evolutionary journey of the enterprise data center, key inflection points drive adoption of new technologies such as virtualization, converged infrastructure, cloud, and containers. As business demands drive faster IT acceleration and innovation, new … Continue reading

The Power of Pi: And the Open Source Future

Sometimes, you just have to get into the game. Such was the case for me in gaining deeper knowledge of how developers code. And how the cloud frees everything. It’s been a very long time since I did meaningful coding (COBOL) and figured it was time to gain hands on knowledge of today’s coders. I … Continue reading

Digital Enterprises: 40% of tomorrow’s fortune 500 companies don’t yet exist

When John Chambers looks into the audience at Cisco Live and notes that “40% of the businesses in the room will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years”, you have to figure that he’s also looking in the mirror. Consider that the top hotel chain didn’t exist over 7 years ago (Airbnb) and … Continue reading

Three Factors for Managing Your Data in the Hybrid Cloud

In today’s hybrid cloud environment, we tend to think of compute as being agile, data decidedly less so. Yet data, and the information and value it contains, is one of the most critical assets an organization has. Data could be considered an asset on most corporate finance reports. If you doubt this, ask your CEO … Continue reading

Data in a Hybrid Cloud World – The Case for a Data Fabric Strategy

Data in a Hybrid Cloud World – The Case for a Data Fabric Strategy In today’s hybrid cloud environment, we tend to think of compute as being agile, data decidedly less so. Yet data, and the information and value it contains, is one of the most critical asset to an organization. Unlocking the static nature … Continue reading

The Path to Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy

Thought leadership campaigns are at the core of any successful marketing strategy, and a key characteristic of successful companies.  They define the business and their products as the premier solutions and their leaders as the go-to experts in their field.  Correctly positioning your company as a thought leader is essential to your strategic marketing plan; … Continue reading


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