We live in the NOW.

If you think about the kids coming out of college over the past few years, what are their experiences when it comes to technology?  Its three steps to everything.  Want a new application on their mobile device: find it, install it, and utilize it.

And now that those kids (and even their parents), expect IT to operate in this same way. 

Marketing expects that if they want to start a brand loyalty program, that they should be able to find it in a catalog, install it, and instantly begin getting data on their customers.


Abstracted to a corporate level, what is it that the Enterprise is looking for? 


In the most economical fashion, they want to gain advantage over their competition.  Whether this is through mobilizing their workforce to push information closer to the customer, decreasing design and production timelines, creating service differentiation, analyzing customer data, or gaining first mover advantage.  They want to find a way to differentiate their company in the mind of the customer.


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