Even Virtualized Environments Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery for virtualized environments are an oft overlooked, yet incredibly important component to securing your client’s applications and data. Large enterprises (think GE, P&G, Apple) with multiple data centers can easily implement DR by creating an active – active environment across multiple data centers. Traditional businesses with a single data center must explore alternative methods for building robust disaster recovery options. And if you are operating in a highly virtualized environment, this can get very complicated, and very expensive.

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Ransomware Recovery Guide for MSPs

Data, and the value to a business that it represents, is the key to not only a business’ profitability, but its entire existence. Bad actors (hackers) want to exploit that value for their financial gain. When your client gets hit with Ransomware, they lose access to their data – the lifeblood of their businesses. When it happens, the inevitable question you’ll ask yourself as an MSP will be: what could I have done differently? Can I get my client’s data back? Will both of our organizations survive and if so, what can I do differently next time?


Ransomware /noun/:
a type of malware that encrypts your client’s data files making then unusable by your client’s applications. It generally comes in two forms, Locker, which encrypts the whole hard drive of the computer or Crypto, which only encrypts specific, yet extremely important, files. Once encrypted, the hacker will require that you pay a fee (usually in bitcoin) to unencrypt your data.

Ransomware is the most malicious malware derivative to which one can be exposed. So malicious in fact, it can leave your clients struggling to operate. According to a 2016 State of Ransomware report conducted by Osterman Research, 20% of ransomware cases leave the organization unable to recover and ultimately lead to the closure of their business.

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