The Autonomous Data Center – CIO’s End Goal

Most progressive CIO’s want out of the IT market, at least the IT market as we have known it for the past few decades. CIO’s desire the autonomous data center; a data center that effectively operates without the constant supervision of storage managers, network managers, database managers, and outlook managers. They want what the public cloud provides, yet on their terms. Employees focused on applications, not servers. Skilled IT personnel focused on workloads, not spinning disks. Ultimately, they desire cloud administrators versed in how IT can respond quicker to the company’s needs. They want out of the legacy architecture space, and into the autonomous data center.

A realistic expectation? Yes, and coming quicker than you might think. If you go back only a few short years and looked at how applications where provisioned as compared to today, you recognize the exponential pace of automation. Many small to medium size businesses run entirely in the cloud. Large enterprises are looking to this model as well; just not entirely public cloud dependent. Data centers are increasingly reliant not on the hardware, but the software. Software Defined Everything. And as software becomes more intuitive, the role of the traditional IT staff will evolve. Ultimately, the software will manage the application and workloads based on parameters of compute, storage, availability, compliance and BC/DR requirements.

Autonomous data center will be a reality. Are you building towards them?


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