Public Cloud Strategy: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

With all due respect to the Eagles, your Public Cloud strategy should not resemble the lyrics from Hotel California.  But yet, many early adopters have found that to be the case.  They’ve built applications to run on the Public Cloud and as those applications have become mission critical, they have found the cost to move those applications in to the data center prohibitively expensive.  And although many have learned their lesson, still others see the relatively inexpensive upfront cost of some Public Cloud providers to attractive to resist.  The hotel is sexy and just what they need for now.

 Now, a new breed of cloud services is gaining traction – Storage as a Service (STaaS).  We are starting to see STaaS offerings that provide for cheap storage for archival and back-up purposes.  Cheap that is till you want to retrieve that information.  That’s when the true cost becomes apparent.

 It’s imperative that as you develop out your cloud strategy, you consider both the cost to enter, and the cost to leave (or retrieve).  Or you might wind up living the lyrics to one of the greatest Eagles songs.


Invest Cloud into your Career

If you resume doesn’t have cloud in it, then you are a dinosaur within the IT industry.  A recent Google study of CFO’s as reported in InfoWorld by David Linthicum states that 94% of CFO’s see Cloud as important to the success of their companies.  Cloud is here.  And whether you believe in the hype or not, businesses are looking to integrate cloud into their IT infrastructure.  It’s time to learn to speak the language, or be left behind.

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