Evolve your view of the Cloud

I had the opportunity the other day to ask some enterprise customers their definition of the Cloud.  Some of the initial responses I received mirror’s what I hear from my non-technical friends.  A place to store stuff (data).  For them, it’s the Public Cloud.

This response sheds light that we are still in the infancy of enterprise Cloud; even though use of the Cloud is skyrocketing.  So it leads me to wonder, how many stranded applications, workloads and data are out on the Public Cloud; and do companies have a plan to ever get that information back? 

Enterprises need to evolve their concept of the Cloud.  The Cloud is not just the Public Cloud.  The Cloud is not a destination at all.  The Cloud is a transformational approach to IT.  A concept that allows you to position IT not as a cost center, but as a solutions provider that delivers agility. 

In its most agile form, Cloud allows enterprises to shift workloads between Private and Public Clouds in a Hybrid Cloud model.  Implemented effectively, IT can create an environment that allows departments to self-provision applications.  Those applications then can live in either a private or public cloud environment, and seamlessly move between environments based on factors of cost, value of the workload, compute requirements, and/or governance.


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