Evolve your view of the Cloud

I had the opportunity the other day to ask some enterprise customers their definition of the Cloud.  Some of the initial responses I received mirror’s what I hear from my non-technical friends.  A place to store stuff (data).  For them, it’s the Public Cloud. This response sheds light that we are still in the infancy … Continue reading Evolve your view of the Cloud

Cloud: 5 Lesson’s Learned

The Cloud is not just the Public Cloud:  It’s easy to think of the Cloud as just some place outside your organization to store data or run applications.  Fundamentally, the Cloud is a strategy that allows enterprises to change how they approach IT. Clouds begin at Home:  Your goal is IT agility.  Agility is not … Continue reading Cloud: 5 Lesson’s Learned

About The Author – Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott is a thought leader, marketing consultant and enterprise data center evangelist focusing on data center evolution with particular emphasis on private and hybrid clouds.  Michael previously worked as Dell’s Cloud Evangelist representing Dell’s cloud portfolio and vision at customer meetings, media briefings, and industry conferences. Prior to that, Michael held marketing and consulting … Continue reading About The Author – Michael Elliott